I had Firbroid Tumors

I became seriously ill eight months ago, even though I have been a vegetarian for more than a year. After my consultation with Dr. Aqasikesat I found I was a vegetarian Junky. The only food I excluded from my diet was the meat. Dr. A. advised that if I wanted to have my health back 100% with a faster recovery, I would need to eat a raw food diet. To make a long story short, with the guidance of Dr. A. and the raw food diet, I regained my health, lost 63 lbs, my life long anemia has been corrected. I have been a diabetic for 10 years and was taking clucophage 2000mg a day (the highest dose that a physician can prescribe to a patient). After a few years my body became tolerant to it and the medication stopped working. At that time my primary physician thought that my kidneys were gone. I have been seeing Dr. A. for eight months. My diabetes has been completely reversed. I'm no longer on medication, my hemoglobin Alc, which is a test that is done every 3 months for diabetic patients, revealed that my blood glucose is at the same range as that of a non diabetic person. I don't want to neglect to tell you readers why I went to see Dr. A. I went to see her because when I reached 40 years of age my uterine fibroids came back . (I was operated on in November 1989 for the same condition) according to an ultrasound 3 years ago, I had three fibroids; the biggest one was the size of a grapefruit. So when I had a period, I would hemorrhage to a point that my primary physician thought it best to have a blood transfusion, which I didn't want to do, so I sought out Dr. A. I have more thrilling news. I saw my OB GYN doctor last March, my grapefruit size 3 inch fibroids had shrunk to 2-3 centimeters, which is about the size of a grape. My GYN MD used to pressure me to remove my uterus. Since which the doctor told me I did not need to have a hysterectomy. I'm sure if I continue to follow this program, one day they will be completely gone. During my sickness and on my way to recovery I have witnessed a lot of changes in my body thanks to the raw food diet. I realize that we are what we eat. This program has worked for me and I hope it will work for you as well.

Ruth Quackenbush R.N.


I was reading the testimonies and was moved by the spirit to share my story and testimony as a result of following your prescription to living a healthier life. It's true, my life has been forever changed from eating differently, having colonics and using the natural products to replace nutrients and to assist with detoxifying my body. The Immunical caused my doctors to be baffled at the progress I was making healing my body udong holistic approaches. I'm HIV positive and diagnosed with HEP C both deadly diseases my health changes when I'm consistent with the Regimen Dr A teaches and encourages you to try, in order to experience the change for yourself. I'm a living testament I have not been hospitalize for the last five years. I eat RA vegetables and have taken meat out oft diet. Yes I fall off because changing and living this new way means making a decision to live and be consistent. Bthank spirit for the colonics. Don't be discourage just keep trying and you too will notice the change in your quality of life. Thank you Dr A for sharing and teaching me. Much love and respect. My sista friend.


Woman of the Month

I had no idea that I was slowly dying due to what I was eating and how toxic my colon was. My first cleaning was ok but I was still amazed at the volume. By the 3rd cleansing I was praising God and singing halleluah. At that point I started telling everyone I know about Dr. A, colon cleansing and of course moringa. I started my grandson on the moringa because he has type 1 diabetes. Since he's been on the moringa his blood sugar count has gone down tremendously. His Dr. was so excited she kept telling him to tell his grandmother to keep doing what she's doing. Vivian goes on to say I am now on my 12th cleansing and I'm still dispersing large volumes. I was slowly dying.

Vivian Glover


Dr A is very knowledgeable. She took the time to explain things to me and help alleviate my anxiety. I also felt much better after treatment and I’m glad I found the center so close to home to assist with my healing!

Reba Dokie
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