DR. A's Story

I am Dr. Aqasikesat a.k.a Dr. A, a.k.a Barbara Tatem-Allen-Pina.
I was blessed with the name Aqasikesat by the Ausar/Auset Society 20 years ago.  

The name means, one who submits to the word of God and sacrifice ones life to serve or become a servant.Barbara (Ba Ba Ra) Ba = Soul, Ra = The Sun's Life Force Energy = Double Soul of Ra = Divine Light. I am divinely connected to the Light - I am who I say I am is my life's affirmation. Names are powerful - So be sure to bless yourself with a name that embraces your spirit..

I decided to add my personal page to let you all know who I am, how I got started in natural medicine and why I feel it is important for you to know my own personal story and testimonial.  

I was born on the beautiful island of Bermuda on August 20, 1958.  My earth number is 33.
As I grew up on the island, my mother always had a wonderful vegetable and flower garden, plenty of fruit trees such as loquats, cherries, peaches and paw paw (papaya). Next door at my grandmothers, granny had orange trees, sugar apple trees, sugar cane, tangerines and even hot peppers.  My grandmother grew lemongrass, fennel, which we fed to the rabbits, and lots of different herbs.   Whenever cold and flu season came around, granny would brew up the lemongrass, which smelled wonderful coming from her kitchen, and she had no problem getting us to drink the tea because it tasted so good!

For the first 13 years of my life, it was unheard of to buy vegetables and fruit in the grocery store.  On weekends my siblings and I spent a lot of time harvesting the veggies, weeding the grass while mom steamed the veggies (which we had plenty of) to store in the freezer for the winter.  My mother knew how to provide for her 5 offspring and even some of the neighbors.

To say the least, I had an awesome foundation to build upon thanks to Mom and Granny.  Our water didn't seem to be a big deal in Bermuda, because we stored the rain water in a tank which ran off the white roof tops.  Yes Bermuda is very unique.
I was born to be a vegetarian because I seemed to struggle with the meats mom put on my plate.  Thank God for my dog Nev who laid on the floor next to my chair awaiting the meat I fed to him, which always came after my mother left the room. My mother never knew I fed the dog my meat until about fifteen years ago during a conversation, and yes she did give me a punch on my arm for feeding the dog my meat so long ago. :)

I was ok with fish, chicken and shell food. We did a lot of fishing off the rocks and went to the beach just about every other Sunday for our family picnics. Dad would fix Sunday breakfast which was usually banana fritters or the typical Bermuda Sunday Breakfast which is Cod fish and Potato, fried banana, tomato sauce and avocado.

It wasn't until I was about 18 that I began to take more interest in total vegetarianism when my oldest brother became Seven Day Adventist.  Many of the Adventist practiced vegetarianism so my spirit just seemed to gravitate to the idea and by time I was 28 I had managed to wean myself off all flesh foods.  I had no idea what it was to be the perfect vegetarian, so I would visit the health food stores and ask questions and of course I was guided into eating the meat substitutes such as soy burgers, soy chicken, soy bacon, soy everything, and yes I got sick.  

Let me back up a little, between the ages of 23 and 26 I picked up many bad habits, like smoking and drinking, which seemed to be the norm amongst my friends.  I was in the fashion world at the time doing TV, newspaper ads and fashion shows all around the island.  I got caught up in the game, which just didn't feel right to my spirit, I felt as if I was slipping away and being swallowed up by some evil force or something.  One day something happened, it was as If something had awakened me, and guided me to the beach.  I got up, jumped on my scooter and road to the ocean.  I climbed a cliff which I loved to climb and sat on a rock overlooking the ocean.  As I sat on the cliff, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves splashing against the rocks, the feel of the sea breeze, allowed me to go into a deep trance/sleeping state which I know it today to be meditation.  In my trance state, I found myself being taken into the ocean; I was under the ocean exploring the wonders of Gods grace.  When I awoke from my trance state I felt as if all my deep feelings of sinking were released and taken away by a big white bird. I felt free as if something of a phenomenon had just happened.  I also felt confused because I was on a cliff, the wind was gushing pretty strong and when this whole scenario hit me, I felt as if I just left a suicidal state.  But was it a suicidal state or a healing state?  I ran off the cliff and as I stopped to think about what just happened, I realized I had to leave the world I was living in, the fashion world, the friends I was close to and so I decided to give up my old life and try to understand what had really happened to me on that cliff.  This is when I started to talk with God directly because I felt as if I was in a state of tug of war.  Something was trying to stop me from connecting with the most high.  I began studying the holy word deeper, I had studied the Quran and I had the desire to dig deeper for the truth.  

When I started asking God for answers, I also asked for a sign that he really did exist.  Shortly after I became pregnant with my first child and gave birth at 27.  The pregnancy was a wonderful experience, I felt beautiful, I felt as if I was about to begin a new chapter in my life.  I decided I was going to have my child at home naturally, but my doctor decided against that for me, (that's when I used to listen to them).  Mind you, it was a good thing that I did go to the hospital, because I was in labor for a good 24 hours and I wasn't dilating so I had to have a C section.  I felt really disappointed for not having a natural birth, but when my child came to me, I was the happiest mother in the world.

I named my child Ja Ja (pronounced Jah) which means gift of God.  I was really bad when it came to anyone touching my child, breathing on him, let alone kiss on him.  I was protective beyond the meaning of the word.  When I got home from the hospital my niece was there to greet us, she decided she would fix lunch but she burnt up everything and the house was smoky.  To say the least I was upset, but thankful to my niece for being so sweet.  Two weeks later I decided to give my room a good cleaning, you know, move the furniture, mop the floor freshen up really nice, when all of a sudden I began to feel something run down my leg. When I looked down I became fearful because I was bleeding.  I ran to the bathroom and just as I was about to take care of my business, a huge clot of blood dropped to the floor about the size of a watermelon.  This is when I began to see my life leave me.  I managed to get to the phone, called my cousin who lived next door.  She came to my rescue, called my mother and the ambulance which was at least 12 miles away from my home.  As I laid in a puddle of blood watching my life leave me, I began to travel through the tunnel which was like a black hole, but as I reached the end of the tunnel, my mother came home and she screamed and she screamed and she screamed, her scream was like a mantra.  

As I reached the end of the tunnel, I was embraced by a brilliant white light which felt warm, safe and healing.  It felt as if I was wrapped up in Gods light embrace, as if Gods light was hugging me, I felt as if I was meeting my maker.  That is when the scream came, the light and my spirit all connected and my spirit was returned back to my body.  As the spirit returned, it was as if an electrical shook had entered my body.  As it entered, I gave a very deep breath of life, I opened my eyes, gave my mother a big smile and told her with conviction that I was going to be OK.

My mother looked at me as if she had just seen a ghost.  Shortly after the ambulance arrived, rushed me to the hospital, and pumped 8 pints of blood back into my body. (Can you imagine 8 pints?) That's a lot of blood.  As far as I know, the body only holds 5 pints.  I give thanks to the donors, because without that blood, I would not have survived. This is when I praised the doctors, those who work in ER, those who fix bones, those who are not at the same token trying to kill you with the drugs.  Once I was released from the doctors care, I stopped taking the drugs, and I felt as if I was being guided to seek out the natural process for cleaning the blood and making it my own.  Even though I was thankful, I had no idea whose blood I was given, AIDS was on the rampage 25 years ago and I was afraid this blood could be infectious. So I studied the book Back to Eden, I found the taheebu blood purifier and chemical detox.  Later I learned the Native Americans used this herb for higher spiritual enlightenment. (Interesting) Yes interesting, I began to feel different, I began to feel as if I was being healed, I really began working on my person and I really started digging deeper for the truth.  I thanked God everyday for a second chance at life, I thanked God for touching me in such a profound way that I could not be moved, I thanked God for showing me his power which made me strong, even through the storms.

So, I got married, moved to Dayton, Ohio with my new husband to begin a new life.  I landed a job at the Dayton academy of hair design as the clinic manager, because I had a background in fashion, both hair and clothing.  My husband was a musician so a lot of our activities were at the clubs.  I found myself beginning to slip backwards, but I choose not to and I started to continue seeking out truth, I began practicing with the Buddhist because I wanted to learn how to meditate "professionally" :)  I realized that wasn't  completely it for me.  

Five years later I developed a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit and once again I would have episodes of bleeding which would scare the stuff out of me.  I became anemic, the doctors wanted to remove my uterus and the ovaries to prevent further bleeding.  I refused to do such an operation, and once again decided to take matters into my own hands.

This is when I found Dr. Richard Anderson who taught me how to rid myself of the fibroid tumor.  I applied what I learned and it took me 2 1/2 years to get rid of the tumor naturally.  The detox program consisted of my fasting once every quarter, during the fast I would do 3 enemas in the morning and 3 enemas at night for two weeks straight (this alone was stressful, so if you can afford the colonic do it for it takes 12 enemas to 1 colonic - do the math and save the stress).  I drank lots of water, ate alkaline food, soaked in hot water and a number of other modalities.  I must mention that I had 3 miscarriages because of the tumors and it was a bittersweet experience because I knew God had better plans for me.  When the tumors fell out of my body (that's right, they feel out like a piece of liver), I put it in a bottle and took it to the hospital with hopes of the doctor being able to tell me what just dropped from my body.

No, the doctors had no idea what it was that just fell out of my body and nor did they seem to care.  I decided to call Dr. Anderson to see if he could give me some clarity as to what fell out of my vagina.  As we conversed, Dr. Anderson asked me the basic questions as to what I was doing, I informed him that I was detoxing, fasting, flushing etc., and he then congratulated me for ridding myself of the tumor, he explained that once the body detoxes itself of all chemicals and poisons, you are no longer feeding the tumor.  It then shrinks, loses its strength and is released from the root.
So once again with this new feeling of healing, I became more and more convinced that if you want your body to heal, you have to work hard at it, take matters into your own hands and do the best you can to cleanse and purify your system. For nothing can survive in a non-toxic system, not cancer, nor viruses -AIDS, herpes, parasites, tumors, etc.

I later learned of a group called the Ausar/Auset society which is an African based practice whom a friend introduced me to.  He gave me a book called the Metu Neter which means the word of God in the ancient African Kemitic language written by Ra Un Nefer Amen.  I took the book and read it like it was a story book, because a lot of its terminology just went straight over my head.  But I was intrigued and interested in learning more about this African spiritual cultivation.  The first thing I asked, was do they sacrifice anything like animals etc., and the answer was no, then I asked if they drank blood or eat blood pie, and the answer was no, and from that day on Ausar/Auset Society has been a blessing to my person.

ALL THE QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED, AND THE PIECES TO THE PUZZLE HAVE BEEN PUT IN PLACE.   I have transformed and have been rebirth and reborn over and over again.  The Ausarians taught me how to love, how to be a healer for myself first, and all this happened even before I decided to become a Naturopath.  I've learned how to embrace that light I was touched with every day of my life, I learned how to give without receiving anything in return, I have learned that there is no need to fear but fear it's self.  

About 6 months after ridding myself of the fibroid tumor I learned I was pregnant, I took myself to the doctor (who I was losing faith in) and told him that I was pregnant.  He gave me a check up and told me to go home and let it happen, meaning you know you’re going to have another miscarriage so just go home and let it happen.  To say the least, I was mad, angry, upset, and furious. That's when I said to myself "you are on your own now sister".  

I once again began to apply everything I learned that made sense, 6 months later I was still pregnant.  I then walked back into the doctor’s office with my big belly, and he decided that I needed to be on emergency care and I felt as if I have been on emergency care all along and followed my own rules and had him to deliver my baby when it was time.  5 months after giving birth I was gifted with another pregnancy and again everything was smooth sailing.  Keep in mind, I was 38 with my second child, and 39 with my third, it was like having twins, but you know what, I was the proudest mother.  I gave birth to two more healthy children who are my miracles and my first was my blessing in disguise.  I felt anew, rejuvenated, regenerated, and I developed a inner peace that no one can touch no matter how much they may try.

I pray that my personal testimonial inspires the non-believers, those who are stock in the world of prescription drugs and those who just don't know there is another way.  Truth is, God said let thy herb be for the healing of the nations, not thy drug, and so which do you choose?

Listen to this old proverb. "Think for it's not illegal yet."

I have to give thanks to my many teachers and mentors on my path to wellness:-
Dr. Richard Anderson, Dr. Farida Sharan, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Phil Valentine and most of all the Ausar/Auset Society, my Mother and Father, Grandparents and the greatest teacher of all, Neter (GOD.)

God is great, God is power, God is divinity, God is love, God is you and I when we decide to cleanse and purify from the inside out allowing God to shine his greatest light within and without surrounding and protecting us from all negativity.

May you all be blessed with Gods greatest light for it is the light that heals, take advantage of the sun "Ra" meaning Holy Spirit, life force energy which is our greatest gift of light.

Seek and Ye Shall Find!
The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Dr. Aqasikesat/BaBaRa Pina NP/ND.
Natural Physician NP - Naturopathic Doctor ND - Master Herbalist MH - Master Iridologist Mir - Colon Hydro Therapist CT - Chakra Balancing,  Color Light Therapy, Meditation Sessions - Healing Circles, Living Food Work-Shops - Water Therapy
We only use non-hybrid herbs for healing!


Hetepu (Peace & Blessings)!

P.S. I pray my story inspires you to have the strength to persue your own healing journey and with the grace of God, you will be healed - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Just Do It!!!!!

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