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Our dedication is to educating and informing individuals on how to recognize the root cause of their sickness and show them how to work towards their recovery.

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RA's Juice
Cleanse Fast Program

Each nutritional drink is prepared fresh, organic, and designed to keep you on track with your wellness journey. Pick up only, just give us 24 hour notice.​


Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Lime Juice, Ginger, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Sea Moss

Morning Snack:

Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea,  Agave


Blue Berries, Black Berries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Sea Moss


Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea,  Agave


Choice of Detox or Antioxidant Juice

evening snack:

Lime Juice, Cherry Tart, Non-Hybrid Moringa Tea,  Agave

Once a day:

Dandelion, Elder Berry, Burdock Root, Non-Hybrid Moringa, Taheebu, Ginger, Sorrel, Graviola (Sour Sop Leaf) - Blood Purifier

3 Day Cleanse | $285

5 Bottles - Detox Juice
4 Bottles - Antioxidant Juice
9 Bottles - Master Cleanse
3 Bottle - Detox Tea
(24hr notice needed, Pick Only)

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Master cleanse (Ra's Version) case of 12 | $95

12 Bottles - Master Cleanse
(24hr notice needed, Pickup Only)

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Ultimate 90 Days Wellness Challenge
Alkaline Food Fast

What a perfect time to begin your journey into a new way of life and living!  This 90 day wellness plan is designed for ANYONE who would like to experience what it is like to be pain free and learn how to become your own doctor.  Do you wish to be free of prescription drugs, stress and excess weight?  Then follow this plan for 3 month and let us know your results.  We would love to post your success on this website testimonial page. 

Step 1: First 30 Days

Start an all alkaline diet with water, fresh daily juices, moringa, and Colon Cleanser, along with bi-weekly or weekly colonics. Consult Dr. A for ginger poultice for kidneys post-colonic sessions. Track your health in a journal, attend the living food workshop and learn how to prepare your meals for healing, and check the recipe page for a shopping list. Stay updated on workshop classes and explore APAN/DEFENSE for prevention.

Step 2: Next 30 Days

Be honest with yourself and start anew if you've faced challenges. For those succeeding, keep going strong. Maintain your routine, including morning activities, exercise, breathing and checking alkaline levels and vitals. Consider weekly or bi-weekly colonics based on your condition. In this step monitor progress and consult your physician about weaning off medication gradually. Seek advice from both your Naturopathic Doctor, DR. A. , and primary care doctor. Remember, you're learning to be your own doctor – the same way your doctor keeps tabs on you, monitor your own progress

Step 3: Last 30 Days

Congratulations on your progress! Now, take it to the finish line by integrating all you've learned in the past two months. You've successfully removed toxic foods, embraced a lifestyle change, and overcome challenges like your meat cravings. After a 90-day alkaline food fast, gear up for the ultimate detox with a 3-4 day fast. Adjust to seasonal changes and get ready to experience blessings. If you've never done a real fast, condition your mind to abstain from eating for 3-4 days. Hydrate with Dr. A's master cleanse drink featuring limes,  alkaline water, moringa, and cherry tart.

Meet Dr. A

Dr. Aqasikesat, Natural Physician (NP) - Naturopathic Doctor (ND) - Master Herbalist (MH) - Master Iridologist (Mir) - Colon Hydro Therapist (CT)

Aqasikesat— One who submits to the word of God and sacrifices ones life to serve or become a servant.

Dr. Aqasikesat, a seasoned Natural Physician, brings over 20 years of healing experience to her practice. Born in Bermuda, she cultivated a profound connection to natural living, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle and undergoing a spiritual awakening. Overcoming health challenges naturally, she transformed her journey into a mission. As a Naturopath, Dr. Aqasikesat shares her extensive knowledge, emphasizing truth-seeking and harnessing the healing power of light. Through holistic practices, workshops, and therapies, she guides others on their paths to optimal health and wellness.

DR. A's Story

Our Testimonials

"I have been seeing Dr. A. for eight months.  My diabetes has been completely reversed.  I'm no longer on medication, my hemoglobin Alc, which is a test that is done every 3 months for diabetic patients, revealed that my blood glucose is at the same range as that of a non diabetic person..."
- Ruth Quackenbush R.N.

"I had no idea that   I was slowly dying due to what I was eating and how toxic my colon was.  My first cleaning was ok but I was still amazed at the volume.  By the 3rd cleansing I was praising God and singing halleluah.  At that point I started telling everyone I know about Dr. A, colon cleansing and of course moringa.  I started my grandson on the moringa because he has type 1 diabetes.  Since he's been on the moringa his blood sugar count has gone down tremendously..."
- Vivian G.

"It's true, my life has been forever changed from eating differently, having colonics and using the natural products to replace nutrients and to assist with detoxifying my body. The Immunical caused my doctors to be baffled at the progress I was making healing my body udong holistic approaches. I'm HIV positive and diagnosed with HEP C both deadly diseases my health changes when I'm consistent with the Regimen Dr A teaches and encourages you to try, in order to experience the change for yourself. I'm a living testament I have not been hospitalized for the last five years..."
- Sonyia.

See Our Testimonials

Our Mission At The 'RA'

At The Ra, our mission is to educate individuals on identifying the root cause of crises and guide them toward recovery. We target toxins in food, drugs, and the environment, promoting a gradual shift away from them. Our focus includes body cleansing through fasting, colon-hydrotherapy, eliminating yeast, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and toxins. Emphasizing non-hybrid, non-acidic foods, our 90-day wellness plan restores the body to its Godly alkaline state. Visit Dr. Aqasikesat's page for inspiration and guidance on your wellness journey.

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